Horticulture Production Division

1.1.  Mission

The mission of the horticulture Division is: “To support the production of high value horticultural products”.

1.2. Vision

The Vision of the Division is: “The horticulture sector to be the leading foreign exchange earner in Rwanda”.

1.3. Scope of work

  • Explore and propose clear regulatory and conducive environment to assist private sector investment in horticulture
  • To identify and develop market oriented value chains
  • Collect and disseminate market information to stakeholders
  • Plan and carry out capacity building programmes along value chains
  • Develop high quality products and conduct market research with a view to identify promising value chains for international markets


1.4. Services offered to the public

  • Advisory services on Good agricultural practices
  • Technical advice in nursery preparation
  • Technical advice on mature fruit trees care and maintenance
  • Technical information on post harvest handling of fresh produce
  • Advise on marketing skills and directions on market requirements
  • Technical advice in plant protection and integrated pest management
  •  Facilitation to draft bankable projects or investment plans related to horticulture production



Extension Service/Support
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