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As per NAEB, agricultural export diversification is referred to as an introduction of non-traditional agricultural exports which in turn referred to as plants and farm animals products that have been (re-)considered as export commodities after the emergence of NAEB. Under this unit, NAEB seeks to ensure matchmaking between market success opportunities and production success for the products to be introduced as export commodity.

The following are strategic functions of the unit:

  1. Coordinate Identification and approval for adoption of non-traditional   exportable commodities
  2. Initiate, supervise and report on assessment of market opportunities for identified non-traditional exportable commodities
  3. Initiate and conduct export feasibility studies prior to adopt new chains
  4. Assist the operators to come up with relevant business cases in relation to the newly adopted chains
  5. Motivate and Initiate interventions to improve the business climate, public-private partnerships, and substantial investments to remove   the constraints that face each newly adopted chain.
  6. Advise the institution Linkage  with relevant ministries to Initiate and ensure approval of Strategic and annual operating plans draft for   each of the newly adopted export commodities
  7. Assist and make follow up for implementation of the approved strategic and operating plans for the adopted chains
  8. Draft technical notes addressing specific issues to foster the adopted commodity chain business climate
  9. Link with Quality Assurance unit and institutions to ensure mitigation of Grading and/or quality control system problems in the adopted  chains
  10. Link with marketing unit and institutions to Plan and implement strategies to promote marketing of non-traditional export commodities.
  11. Any other duty pertain agricultural export diversification  that may regarded as important  your supervisor