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Sweet Banana

Brief Description

Rwanda sweet banana also known as Musa acumunata or Igisukari (ibisukari) in the Kinyarwanda  language is the elongated banana meant for eating when it ripens into either yellow or green skin color. The banana crop was introduced in Rwanda in 1971. The sweet banana is rich in potassium,Vitamins C and B-6.

  • Type of varieties grown in Rwanda: FIYA, Apple Banana
  • Cultivation locations in Rwanda: Muhanga, Kivu Lake Border, Cyangugu, Kigali Rural regions, Ngoma Kirehe, Kicukiro, Gasabo, Kibungo
  • Climatic conditions for growth: Thrives well in places with a lot of water with temperatures between 26-30°C and high humidity
  • Destination: UK, France, Netherlands, Uganda, and DRC.