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Cooking banana

Brief Description

Banana is also known as Musa sapientum; Musa cavendishii and Musa nana, Plantain bananas are ormally eaten when cooked. Plantain banana are ripe banana species eaten either when cooked or roasted.

  • Type of varieties grown in Rwanda: Injagi (76.6%), Intuntu (72.7%), Kamaramasenge (64.9%), Gross Michelle (51.6%), Kayinja (42.9%), Intokatoki (42.4%) and Mujuba (21.2%).
  • Cultivation locations in Rwanda: Muhanga, Kivu Lake Border, Cyangugu, Kigali Rural regions, Ngoma, Kirehe, Kicukiro, and Gasabo districs.
  • Climatic conditions for growth: Thrives well in places with a lot of water with temperatures between 26-30°C and high humidity.•
  • Destination: UK, Netherlands, Uganda, and DRC.