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French beans

  • The production of French beans, one of Rwanda’s most important export vegetable crops, is steadily rising.  The crop is grown for both the fresh export and domestic market.  However, processing of the beans, including canning and freezing, is not yet started.  French beans from Rwanda are exported to United Belgium, France, Dubai, etc
  • Fresh beans are a profitable crop for which there is a year-round demand
  • The leaves have three leaflets with a long petiole. The stalked flower head is in the form of a short raceme. The long pods vary in colour, depending on cultivar. The seeds may be black, white or red coloured, two coloured or marbled. The growth habit is both dwarf and climbing type. The plant grows in a wide range of environments.
  • Currently, four varieties are being grown: Samantha, Argus, Ferali, etc. Our grades are  extra-fine and fine beans.
  • On the European market, prices are often much lower during the summer months when domestic production is available from Spain, France, the UK, Italy and others. Prepacked fine and extra-fine beans are highly appreciated on the market and earn a premium price
  • The European Union is the major market for fine and extra-fine beans produced in Africa