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Rwanda grows and exports pyrethrum to the US, Europe and Asia. It’s grown in Nyabihu, Musanze, Burera and Rubavu districts. Over 10,000 homes in Rwanda depend on pyrethrum for their living and are organized in seven (7) cooperatives.

Apart from increasing its value, pyrethrum production has been improved whereby splits were replaced by seeds/seedlings to increase yileds and improve the quality of pyrethrin content. SOPYRWA is the sole company involved in the production and processing the pyrethrum. The company makes insecticide from pyrethrum flowers that control pests (mosquitoes, Trypanosomiasis bedbugs, lice, ticks) and diseases. Rwanda intensively promotes pyrethrum growing and has been making quality pyrethrum seeds available for growers. Rwanda teaches farmers on how to increase pyrethrum productivity and advises them on good farming practices.

They have also started making pyrethrum seedlings so as to increase its yields. The produce of pyrethrum is sold through cooperatives.

Rwanda is the second world largest producer of pyrethrum and has approximately 15 % of the world market share. Pyrethrum products from Rwanda are of high quality and in great demand in the world market. Most of the pyrethrum produced is for the export market.

With the availability of raw materials locally, Rwanda provides potential strategic investors with good investment opportunities in the processing of pyrethrin insecticides and pesticides for the end market. These are assured of ready markets both Rwanda and other tropical countries affected by mosquitoes and malaria, as well as those undertaking horticultural activities.