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Happy International Tea Day to everyone!

The world celebrates International Tea Day on May 21st. The day was first observed in 2019 to promote and foster collective actions in support of the sustainable production and consumption of the world's second most consumed drink after water, as well as to raise awareness of its significance.

International Tea Day is an opportunity to recognize tea's contributions to health, culture, and socioeconomic development while also working to ensure that its benefits to people, cultures, and the environment are sustained for future generations.

Rwanda tea's colorful history and distinct flavor began in 1952, when European colonialists introduced the crop. They admired the country's ideal climate, high elevation hillsides (between 1,800 and 2,500 meters), and well-drained marshes with abundant rainfall in volcanic soils, all of which were suitable for tea growing. As a result, the cash crop is distinct in terms of high quality, bright color, flavor, and consistency, resulting in premium prices and heartfelt praise from customers.

Rwanda's tea production continues to grow, with smallholder farmers benefiting the most. Rwandan tea is currently grown on 28 thousand hectares, produced by approximately 50 thousand farmers, and processed by 18 factories. The government is committed to constantly improving the infrastructure required to bring the sector up to the desired level.

The crop is now one of the country's most important revenue-generating exports. It has grown to be an important pillar of Rwanda's economy, providing income for thousands of farmers. High-quality Rwandan teas include black tea, orthodox tea, white tea, green tea, organic tea, and spicy tea.

On this International Tea Day, we applaud Rwandan farmers' efforts to advance the tea industry and recognize their contribution to Rwanda's socioeconomic transformation. Thank you for choosing and trusting us, our valued customers.

In the previous year (January to December 2021), the country earned US $96,760,771 from tea exports, a 7.17 percent increase over the US $90,284,732 earned in 2020. Pakistan, Egypt, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Sudan, and Russia are major Rwanda Tea importers among others.

Rwanda Tea is marketed under the brand "Rwanda Tea – A Natural Reawakening." It embodies the Rwandan tea industry's identity, its uniqueness and values, and its global credibility.