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Coffee stakeholders meeting

On the 29th November2013, the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) organized a one day meeting with coffee stakeholders to jointly review achievements of the 2013 coffee season and to be prepared for the 2014 one. About 150 coffee stake holders including farmers, exporters, and processors participated in the meeting.

From L-R:Mr NTAKIRUTIMANA Corneille DDG of Production & Chain Development,Amb. George William Kayonga D.G of NAEB,Pierre Munyura Chairperson of CEPAR and Dr Ndambe Nzaramba DDG of Export & Market operations

Participants discussed topics related to production, quality, exports, fertilizer fund and the preparations for the Cup of Excellence 2014.
The Director General of NAEB, Amb. George William Kayonga, welcomed and thanked everyone for honoring the invitation and argued the stakeholders especially farmers and coffee washing station owners to work closely in order to increase production and maintain the good quality of Rwanda Coffee since the high quality coffee is our main competitive advantage on the international market.

It is with this regards that NAEB will continue encouraging and sensitizing farmers on quality as key element. Eric Ruganintwali,  Director of quality Control, Inspection and Standard Compliance reminded the farmers, coffee washing stations owners and processors to acquire and fulfill all necessary and basic requirements like the floating tanks that separate the good quality cherries from the bad ones upon reception before they are processed., drying tables, fermenting, potato test, hygienic and safety concern as well as the water used in the factory as the urgent issues to be addressed so as to maintain the high quality of coffee.
Regarding the preparations of the cup of excellence, the Director of Quality talked on the traceability issues whereby he argued the coffee washing stations to always know the originality of the coffee they receive.
Another point that was discussed on was the usage of the warehouses at NAEB by coffee stakeholders, where by the director general NAEB highlighted that for the sake of the security there is a need to reverse the rules and regulations that govern the usage the warehouse.