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HORIZON Sopyrwa honoured pyrethrum farmers.      Toll Free: 3800    

HORIZON Sopyrwa honoured pyrethrum farmers.

Farmers of pyrethrum from three cooperatives in Musanze and Burera districts have expressed delight with a Rwf100 per kilogram boost.

These farmers revealed that the crop has helped them improve their livelihoods and expressed gratitude for the cows they received from SOPYRWA as well as the price increase, which motivates them to keep working hard to get the desired progress.

SOPYRWA donated cows and bedding to at least 50 farmers in the Northern and Western areas.

Marceline Nyiransabimana, who also resides in Shingiro Sector, believes the Rwf100 increase per kilogram will help them achieve their development objectives faster: "Increasing the unit price provides us hope for my family's prosperous future. Furthermore, the received cow will assist me in producing adequate milk for my family and sharing with neighbors. "We will put in much more effort to optimize all benefits from pyrethrum agriculture," she said.

Gabriel Bizimungu, General Manager of HORIZON SOPYRWA, a company that produces and processes pyrethrum, stated that the unit price of pyrethrum was raised in response to rising food prices and farmer requests.

Bizimungu indicated that they will evaluate the possibilities of expanding it each year in order for farmers to get good profits from their produce.

Elias Kanyamuhanda also received a cow on behalf of his mother, one of successful pyrethrum farmers who is 86 years old. The old woman produced pyrethrum since 1974.

"I am that old woman's eldest son. Because of the pyrethrum, all of my siblings are educated and enjoy a decent life. The pyrethrum assisted us in moving from a grass thatched cottage to a good house in 1976. We are grateful that the leadership has been providing assistance to pyrethrum producers. "It is also a tremendous delight for us to get cows because they will act as source compost, resulting in enhanced quantity and quality harvests," he stated.

Rwanda is the world's second largest producer of pyrethrum, after Australi and the country's pyrethrum products are of high quality and in high demand on the global market. During the recent fiscal year (2021/2022) the country generated USD 6,371,411 from the export of pyrethrum, an increase of 11.8% compared to the previous fiscal year.