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The rewarding ceremony of the best coffee farmers.

Yesterday coffee farmers in Rulindo District were rewarded by NAEB and the district for winning the competition organized on good management of coffee plantations. Aspects considered for the management of a  coffee farm were weeding, mulching fertilizer application, control of pests and diseases, pruning. tHe assessment was done at  village level, but rewards were given to the winners at Cell, Sector and District levels.

The presentation of rewards to farmers was done by the Mayor of Rulindo District Mr Kangwagye Justis and Dr Gatarayiha Celestin, the Head of Coffee Division in NAEB. In Bushoki Sector. Rewards comprised of  1 exotic cow bred, 42 knapsack sprayers and 17 secateurs. The ceremonies started by working in a coffee plantation where 2500 trees were pruned as a demonstration to farmers.

The winner of coffee competition at district level was KOTWIDUGA Cooperative in Tumba sector that was rewarded the  cow, 1 sprayer and 1 secateur.. The winner at Sector level received a sprayer and a secateur each, while the winner a Cell level received a sprayer.   Dr Gatarayiha Celestin Head of Coffee Division at the same time representing NAEB thanked    the winners of the competitions and urged them to share the knowledge and the equipment given to them with other coffee farmers so as to increase the production and quality of coffee
He also advised them not to be discouraged by the drop of coffee prices since they change according to the international market.

handing over the knapsack sprayer to one of the winners of the coffee competitions.
The mayor of Rulindo district concluded the ceremony by requesting the coffee farmers to be outstanding farmers by not mixing the coffee with other crops.
 He further argued them to grow the Temeda grass that are good for mulching and said that this is going to be included in the performance contracts of leaders at cell level and coffee cooperatives