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Reviewing the progress activities for 2013-2014 coffee season

The National Agricultural Export Development Board together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal resources organized a one day meeting that brought together all the zone coffee extentionists, members of coffee cooperatives, coordinators of projects like SPIU, KWAMP, PRICE and the staff of Coffee division of NAEB.

This meeting was chaired by the Permanent Secretary Mr. Earnest Ruzindaza together with the DDG Export NAEB, Coordinator of SPIU and the Head of Coffee Division of NAEB.

The objective was to review the progress of activities of the 2013-2014 coffee season including planting of coffee seedlings, fertilizer application (Organic & mineral fertilizers), pesticide applications for the control of antestia bug, farmer field school programs that would lead to the increase of production and quality.. During this meeting, all zone coffee extentionist were given a chance to talk about the problems that they are experiencing in their respective zones that could be the reason for not meeting their targets.

Among the problems raised were the discouragement of farmers due low coffee prices, competition with other crops, , transportation of seedlings, and seedlings that are still young.

The participants were assured of the full support and it was agreed that the planting of the coffee should be done by March this year.
The zone extentionists were requested to sensitize the farmers to increase the quantity of fully –washed coffee.

The zone coffee extentionists as the people at the field were urged to speak the truth where by the reports given should correspond with the realities on the field.

Some cooperatives that have not yet got their loans were requested to prepare the necessary documents so as to avoid delays and limiting their chances of getting the loans.