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NAEB meet coffee stakeholders to prepare the coming season

On the 10th February, 2014 the National Agricultural Export Board together with the Ministry of Agriculture organized a one meeting with coffee washing station owners and other stakeholders. And it was chaired by Minister of Agriculture and Animal resources Dr. Agnes Kalibata.

The objective of this meeting was to discuss on the preparations of the 2014 coffee season, strategies to increase the fully washed coffee and discuss on the farm gate price of the coffee cherries.


 The meeting started by looking at the status and the challenges met during the last season , where by the end of 2013, the coffee washing stations operated by at 50% of their capacity compared to 60% of the  previous year (2012) and the fully washed coffee was produced at 33% against the 35% targeted. The decline in the performance of the coffee washing stations is attributed to insufficient funds during the campaign that led to some washing stations not perform well. The projection for fully washed coffee is to reach 71% in 2018.


Dr. Agnes Kalibata, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, who was the guest of honor, told the coffee stakeholders that the competitiveness of the Rwandan coffee on International market is by exporting the good quality of the fully washed coffee and therefore the Government will not tolerate anybody who will go against the rules and regulations set and to make this happen, we will have to take the responsibilities at all levels.


In addition to that, Minister Kalibata promised to do the follow up of the activities from district to district during this coming harvesting season to ensure that all production is processed from the coffee washing stations.


NAEB Director General, Amb. George Kayonga urged all the coffee stakeholders especially farmers and coffee washing stations owners to put a lot of effort in coffee production and processing  so as to achieve both quality and quantity.


Another point discussed about during this meeting was the farm gate price of coffee cherries during the year 2014 which was agreed at 142Rwf.