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A coffee grower success story; From ashes to becoming a millionaire

Mukashyaka Epiphanie a survivor of genocide shared her success story as a way of encouraging her fellow widows, survivor of genocide and women in general to aim at being job creators since this is the government’s priority rather than being job seekers.

Mukashyaka became a widow after the genocide; she is a mother of 7 children and she takes care of three more children.

She is a coffee grower who started earning a living with 10 Francs through brokerage whereby she was buying coffee on behalf of another person. But now she earns 5million francs per month. After realizing that she can make money out of coffee, she started growing coffee on her own and roasting it locally. As a business woman, she started thinking big and came up with an idea to construct a coffee washing stations so as to make her coffee competitive on the market.

She now owns two coffee washing stations; she has renovated her house that was destroyed during genocide to the value of 80 million, she has three cars that help her in doing her business and has plans of building a flat. Thanks to the coffee growers and processors.