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A meeting with all the zone coffee extentionists.

The National Agricultural Export Development Board through PRICE Project organized a one day meeting with all zone coffee extentionists and it was officially opened by the Director General.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss on the coffee campaign season 2014, coffee seedlings plantations and their maintenance, fertilizer distribution and application during season B, coffee seedlings multiplication for the Fiscal year 2014-2015 and the handover of the computers and modems  to the all zone coffee extentionists. The zone coffee extentionists were given computers and modems to facilitate them in reporting different activities they carry out. These materials were bought with the support of PRICE project. After different discussion,  coffee zone extensionists were requested to put more efforts on field activities especially the coffee campaign in order to increase the quantity of fully washed coffee and discourage the processing of ordinary coffee during this period when coffee washing are operating.

The day ended with a get together party celebrating labor day.