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Rwandan Tea recorded the highest prices in Mombasa Auction

The weekly Mombasa Auction is the center of the tea trade in Kenya and an important reference point for the global tea industry.


RWANDAN tea dominated the weekly Mombasa tea auction recording the highest prices by mark and country for last week in Mombasa Auction.

Rwanda's Kitabi Tea Company recorded the highest with its BP1 selling for $3.08 per kilo higher than last week while PF1 from the same company recorded $ 2.72, when Kisovu Tea Factory also from Rwanda sold its P DUST at $ 2.52.  

Kenya however managed a $2.90 price on DUST1 from Gathuthi Tea Factory inNyeri6 cents lower than last week where it sold the same brand on $2.96.

There was however improved market demand during this week's auction compared to last week where the auction recorded a selective demand on quality of tea.

According to the final market report analysis on sale 20 by Combrok Ltd, out of 168, 177 packages on offer, only 13 per cent of the catalogued teas remained unsold. While in during sale 19, the total of 168,560 packages on offer, only 15 per cent remained unsold.

Rwanda leads with an average auction price of $2.19 in this year's market while Kenya comes second with an average of $ 2.04.Burundi is third with $1.89.