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Rwandan tea fetched the prices in this week’s auction.

Rwandan Tea from Kitabi tea factory fetched the highest prices for the top grade BP1 in this week’s auction.

The price for the best Pekoe (BP1) was 3.28 USD per kg at the sale held on Monday and Tuesday   compared to 3.08 USD per kg in the previous sale.

The PF1 and PDUST from Gisovu tea factory in Rwanda recorded USD 254 per kg.

Highest Prices by Mark & Country in this week’s Auction

   328             BP1    KITABIRWANDA
      254    PF1 GISOVU     RWANDA

 During this auction the demand was strong and the prices were driven by the high quality of the Rwandan Tea. However, out of 166,738 packages on offer only 10% remained unsold.

Kenya’s Gathuthi tea factory recorded the highest price with its DUST1 selling USD 2.88 per kilo lower than last week’s.