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The pre selection of the coffee samples at Kayonza Coffee Laboratory      Toll Free: 3800    

The pre selection of the coffee samples at Kayonza Coffee Laboratory

The National Agricultural Export Development Board is organizing the 6th Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2014 ceremony that is scheduled in August this year.

Cup of Excellence is the most esteemed International award given out for the top quality coffees.

These awards come from a strict and fair competition that selects the very best coffees produced in the country for that particular year and the final winners are awarded the prestigious Cup of 

Excellence® and sold to the highest bidder through the internet auction.

Before the final day of the award ceremony, there are different activities that need to be done so as to make the competition fair and also attain good results of the completion.

The first one was the Calibration training and selection of cuppers followed by sample collection and preparation from all registered coffee washing stations,  then the  pre selection of coffee samples that  ended last week at Kayonza  coffee  Laboratory in the Eastern Province.  

A sample must score at least 85 points from a possible 100 in order to advance to the next round of the competition. Samples with major defects are eliminated immediately. 12 cuppers and the head judge of the Cup of Excellence 2014 were the ones undertaking the pre selection activity.