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This week’s Mombasa auction

The weekly tea auction in Mombasa is an important reference point for the global tea industry.

It takes place on Mondays and Tuesdays for secondary and primary grades respectively. 

In the auction, the teas are sold under the factory marks (gardens) and sorted into the various leaf size known as grades. Each batch of a single leaf grade is given a unique invoice number before being packed into a standard paper sacks.

And each tea factory is represented by a selling broker who is responsible for cataloguing the teas for sale.

The buyers in the auction are categorized differently; 

Those that buy and ship individual lots on client’s orders, those who buy teas for blending and the ones that buy on their accounts either for stock or trading.

During this week’s auction (auction 28) that took place on 21st and 22nd July, the demand was generally good hence good prices especially for primary grades. The Kitabi BP1 fetched the overall best price of USD 394 whereby in the previous auction (auction27) it was 364. Gisovu and Kitabi PF1 were sold at USD 290 and Kitabi PDUST at USD 282.

In this auction, the demand was generally good, out of 122,059 packages under hummer only 9% of the teas were taken out. BP1s met a strong demand with a brighter and coloury categories gaining by USC 8 to 30.


Highest prices by mark and country in this week’s auction