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The Africa tea sector to embark on value addition

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From 28th to 30th August, 2013 Rwanda hosted the second Africa tea convention and exhibition organized by East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) and the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB).The Africa Tea Convention and Exhibition is a platform and opportunity for stakeholders in tea industry to showcase Africa as a global player in the tea industry and other sectors such as trade logistics, financing, insurance, ect.  The theme of this convention was “African Tea, refreshing the World, growing the African Economy”

”Africa’s tea is unique and  of high quality as it is grown in the high altitudes and is not prone to pest and disease attack. Through improved research, many tea varieties are also being  grown in the continent, with potential for high productivity” said Mr. Lerionka S. Tiampati the Chaiman of EATTA speaking to the audience during the 2nd  Africa tea convention. This year’s event attracted over 400 participants across the entire tea value chain from 32 countries.
Rwanda was chosen as a host country to celebrate its unique quality tea.
The convention covered very crucial areas which include,


  • The story of the African tea and the story of the Rwandan tea
  • Rwanda investment climate 
  • New concepts in withering
  • Tea products diversification
  • Use of tea extracts for the rtd market
  • Emerging consumer trends in Europe
  • Insights on beverage marketing
  • Tea 2030 collective action
  • Present and future technology in manufacture and
  • Use of technology to enhance market access

As part of the 2nd Africa tea convention & exhibition program, tea cupping competitions were held in which 74 tea factories participated. Factories that submitted the best black CTC tea main grades and specialty teas were recognized as the producers of the high quality teas.
His Excellency, President Paul Kagame was the Chief Guest during the award ceremony, and he awarded the overall winners in tea cupping competition, who were Kitabi Tea factory for the best black CTC tea and Kangaita Tea Factory for the best specialty tea.
During his address, President Paul Kagame said that  the tea industry is not only important today, it has also a bright future as recent figures indicate. He continued saying that in the last five years global demand and consumption has increased by 21% while production has gone up by 15%. He encouraged tea investors to produce more to meet this demand not only in terms of volume but also in quality.  
President Kagame also said that the tea sector should embark on value addition, product and market diversification by tapping into the high value and specialty tea market, and adoption of new technologies to keep it competitive on the global beverage market.  He congratulated SORWATHE for taking the lead locally in value addition to tea.