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The press conference on the 2nd Africa Tea Convention and Exhibition

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The National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) and the East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) have organized the press conference on the 2nd Africa Tea Convention and Exhibition, which will take place in Kigali at Serena hotel from 28th to 30th August 3013.

This upcoming event will be co- hosted by the East Africa Tea Trade Association ( EATTA) based in Mombasa , Kenya and The National Agriculture Export Development Board ( NAEB) based in Kigali , Rwanda.


The press conference was chaired by the Acting director general of NAEB MR. Ntakirutimana Corneille and MD of EATTA MR. Edward Mudibu. Other NAEB officials that were present include, the Deputy Director General in charge of exports and marketing, head of tea division and director of marketing department.

The acting director general started by introducing what the tea convention is, its objective and contribution to the tea sector. The aim of the 2nd Africa Tea Convention and exhibition is to bring together members of the East African Tea Trade Association who are tea producers, brokers, tea packers, and warehousemen from East and Central Africa, tea traders (importers) from tea importing countries, financial institutions, researchers, scholars, as well as investors in the tea sector.

The Director General also told the press that in this 2nd Africa tea Convention there will the cupping competition and the winner of the best tea will be awarded during this event.

There will be winner of the best black tea and the best in other speciality teas like the orthodox tea, white tea to mention but a few.

The MD of EATTA explained what the EATTA is, its mandate and the objective. East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) is a voluntary, non-profit umbrella body representing the interests of the tea industry in Africa.

EATTA has 175 members drawn from 9 countries (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique). The members are all actively engaged in growing, buying, broking and warehousing of tea.

90% of the members are based in Kenya. The MD said the objective of the EATTA is to manage the buying and selling of tea including the tea auction, to facilitate the linkages of members to international markets, regulate the statutory bodies in member countries to create conducive business environment for the members along the value chain.

During this press conference, they highlighted the buyers of the Kenyan/ Rwanda tea and these include; Pakistan, Egypt, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Sudan, Russia, U.A.E, Ireland to mention but a few.

For the smooth running of the event, some companies came on board and sponsored it. And these includes;  The EATTA,NAEB, Rwanda Mountain tea, CFC Stanbic bank, BRD, KTDA, Tea Board of Kenya, Imperial tea, I&M Bank, Nyayo Tea Zone, RSSB, RDB, East Africa Commodity Exchange and Rwanda tea companies like Mulindi, Shagasha, Gisovu, Karongi, Sorwathe, Nshili kivu and Pfunda tea company.

This conference also highlighted the challenges that are faced by the tea industry in Africa which include; climate change, fluctuating global prices, high production costs, taxation costs and political unrest in the consuming countries.

The last but not the least point discussed was the status of the tea industry in Rwanda where by the Acting Director General NAEB some of the achievements and targets of the tea industry in Rwanda. There has been a big increase in the production of tea in Rwanda whereby in 200 the production was 14,878 tons , in 2003 it was 15,484, 2007 it was 20,478 tans and in 2012 it increased up to 22,563 tan of tea.


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