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Pepper Among Top Export Earners on International Markets

Rwanda's Pepper ranked among the best agricultural products generating export revenues from international markets. During the last fiscal year (July 2018 – June 2019), Rwanda exported more than 721 Metric Tons of pepper which generated $1,036,613. It is an increase from 357 Metric tons the country had exported in the previous fiscal year to earn $484,341.

The export destinations of the Rwandan crop include the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Rwanda is known to grow many types of pepper products known as ‘green bird eye’, ‘habanero (Scotch bonnet)’, ‘African bird eye’ and ‘Hybrid’ among others. These products are either exported as fresh or processed.  Due to high returns from this crop, Rwandan farmers are shifting from traditional to modern farming practices in order to meet the quality standards required on international markets. 

“The pepper we export has to fit the standard quality requirements sought by international markets; we are making more efforts in improving the quality of pepper being produced and sensitizing farmers on how to add its value.” Says Diego Twahirwa, one of the Rwandan pepper business dealers, whose ‘Didi Chili’ brand is now on the map of the chili suppliers.

Among horticulture vegetable products, pepper is ranked the second after French beans in terms of export volumes while avocado is the best among fruits.