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Tea Market: Rwanda tops the average price records

Mombasa: The East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) says that under the four sales held during the month of November 2019, Rwanda sold 1,661,563 Kilos at an average price of US $ 3.04 per Kilo. This is the highest average price attained compared to other countries traded at the auction. A total income of US $ 5,051,151.52 was realized by Rwanda Tea producers in this month of November.

A total of 37,043,690 Kilos were sold by eight member countries of EATTA combined at an average price of US $ 2.19. As usual, Kenya remains the highest volume selling country with 30,076,591 Kilos on an average of US $ 2.30 per Kilo.

In comparison with the same period last year 2018, Rwanda had sold 1,700,640 Kilos of made tea at an average price of US $ 2.76 per Kilo. This reflects an increase of 10 % of the average price offered by Rwanda Tea.

The market was quite stable at the beginning of the month and this was due to lower quantities offered to the auction and buyers were active.” The report reads.

Rwanda Tea destinations included but not limited to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Middle East Nations, UK, Russia and Iran.