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BB and Daughters Ltd Providing Quality Natural Rwandan Honey

What started like a search for an alternative from sugar consumption led Bright Batamuriza the Director of BB and Daughters Ltd to start a honey processing firm. BB and Daughters Ltd processes natural Rwandan Honey.

Located in Nyarugunga sector, Kicukiro district, the company started operations in 2017, it is now a household name with her products distributed allover major super markets in Kigali and also consumed by leading hotels and Restaurants like Marriot Hotel, Serena Hotel, Ubumwe Hotel, Manor Hotel, Camellia Restaurant, Javas Restaurant to mention but a few and also exported to Kenya, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Quality is at the Centre of all BB and Daughters Ltd operations as Ms Batamuriza notes:

‘‘Honey is a food, its quality and overall hygiene is very paramount to human health, at BB we take extra caution when handling our honey throughout the whole value chain. For starters we make sure we buy honey from only farmers and cooperatives that are certified by MINAGRI. We also take precaution on the hygiene from the farmer, to our receiving area at the factory, storage, to processing, packaging and dispatching to our clients.’’

BB and Daughters honey products have been granted the RSB quality mark (S-Mark). The certification means a lot to Ms Batamuliza as this is attestation to their pursuit for quality and adherence to quality. The S-Mark certification opened doors for them, they are able to supply to leading hotels for example because they are trusted and proven.

‘‘With the S-Mark now, our next step is getting the HACCP certificate and certificate of registration by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). We believe since our honey is natural it will enable us export to Europe and Asian markets. Our Government has created a conducive environment for us to thrive as the private sector, it has sought partnerships for us to seek better markets, what is now required of us as the private sector is to seize the opportunities. We are now focused on being HACCP certified and also getting the US FDA certificate.’’ Ms Batamuliza emphasizes.

BB and Daughters is proud to contribute to national development. It offers employment to Rwandans both directly and indirectly.

However, Ms Batamuliza says overall they are still faced with a challenge of mindset change where some people still think imported products are better than local products. She is optimistic that with increased sensitization, this stereotype will go away and with the newly introduced protected Made in Rwanda Logo which is to be issued by RSB, this will be eventually overcome.

‘’Rwanda as a brand is known for quality and delivering on her promises. We believe the new Made in Rwanda Logo issued by RSB will be a strong branding tool for our products on the international market and it will also protect our products from being counterfeited.’’ She adds.

Under the forth Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation (PSTA4), Rwanda targets to increase honey production to 8,000 tons per year by 2024.