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July – November 2019: Rwandan veg export revenues grow by 47%

From July to November 2019, Rwandan fresh vegetables totaling 11,292 Metric Tons were exported, earning US$ 7,525,064. In the same period of 2018, only 8,387 Metric Tons were exported to generate US$ 5,130,078. The increase of 47% in revenues is attributed to different strategies of Rwandan Government in shifting from subsistence to market oriented agriculture.

Fruit volumes equaling 4,513 Metric Tons were exported to generate US$ 3,762,530 in the first five months of the ongoing financial year, while 4,282 Metric Tons were exported during the same period of the previous year to make an income equivalent to US$ 3,717,022.

Most of Rwandan vegetables and fruits are exported to the DRC, but there are other bigger markets such as UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France and the Middle East.