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EATTA Auction: Rwandan teas were sold at highest average price

The first auction of the New Year 2020 was held on the 6th and the 7th January 2020. Rwandan teas were sold at an average price of US$ 3.15 per Kilogramme while the overall average price of all teas was US$ 2.23 per Kilogramme. Four other countries participated in this auction: Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Of all 10,755,035 Kilos sold at the auction, Rwanda’s share was 594,880 Kilos. On the first sale of the previous year, 2018, Rwanda had sold 414,254 Kilos while the total volumes sold were 9,647,839 Kilos. The next auction will be held on the 13th and the 14th January 2020.