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Tea cooperatives get farm-cars from the Government

The Government of Rwanda through Project for Rural Income through Exports (PRICE), a partner of National Agriculture Export Development Board (NAEB) donated three tea harvesting trucks and five ploughing tractors worth FRW387,251,000.

Beneficiary cooperatives are COTHEGA, COOTHEMUKI, COTHEGAB, TUTHEGROC and KOTECOGRO operating from southern and western provinces of Rwanda.

The donation comes at a time when tea plantations expansion is starting to yield. “These three trucks will resolve an issue of some unconditional feeder roads and long distances covered by tea pluckers while taking tea green leaves from plantations to processing factories.” Said Karamaga Francis, the representative of Rwandan Tea Cooperatives Federation. “The ploughing tractors will support farmers to easy their daily works and lower production cost.” Karamaga added.

From July to December 2019, Rwanda exported 14,781 Metric Tons earning US$42,316,934 while during the same period of the previous year (2018) only 14,201 Metric Tons had been exported to generate US$39,215,566.

Rwanda tea remains number one to be sought by tea buyers at the international markets due to its super quality. Its top three destination countries are Pakistan, Egypt and United Kingdom.