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The Government revises coffee farm gate price.

Effective 24th January 2020, the farm gate price for coffee ripened cherries was set at FRW216 per Kilogramme, up from FRW190 that was set in October 2019. For floating coffee will be sold at FRW100 minimum per Kilogramme.

The farm gate price is set after the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) consults stakeholders in the Rwandan coffee sector. This meeting had been held on 21st January 2020 at NAEB headquarters in Kigali. When setting the price, the gathering considered production costs and other attendant costs and prices at international market. They were guided by prices at New York Commodities Market.

For instance, the unit price of one Kilogramme increased by 9% comparing the current to the previous season.

From July to December 2019, Rwanda exported 15,423 Metric Tons to earn US$ 49.5 million. In the same period of 2018, 13,678 Metric Tons had been exported to generate US$ 48.5 million.

This new price is expected to boost farmers’ morale, help improve production and attract more people into coffee growing. Farmers’ representatives at the meeting said that it will increase household income of farmers.

Rwandan coffee main buyers include Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Nigeria, Germany and South Korea, among others.