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Awarding ceremony for Cup of Excellence 2013

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The overall winner Gishugi holding a prestigious cup of excellence award

Every year, Rwanda organizes Cup of Excellence competitions and awards the winners for the best coffees.

This competition encourages quality production, attracts bigger markets for Rwandan coffee from across the world hence increase of revenue.

The winning coffees are chosen by a group of national and International cuppers and they are cupped at least five times during the competition process. The winner is awarded the prestigious cup of excellence award.

This year, they were 14 national cuppers and 24 International cuppers from 12 countries as highlighted by Sherry Johns of Alliance for coffee Excellence at the same time the head judge for the completion.

The competition for the best coffee started early this month with the national cuppers selecting the first bunch of high quality coffees before submitting them to the group of International cuppers for further scrutiny. And then at the end only 15 out of 159 lots entered the completion and warded the prizes during the award ceremony that was held in Huye district.

The overall winner was Gishugi  Caferwa  Coffee washing station from Shangi sector of Nyamasheke district in Western province. Shangi merged with 91.09 per cent and awarded a prestigious presidential award. There were other coffee stations that scored good marks like NMC Mibilizi ,Gisuma coffee both from Rusizi, Rwashosco muganza coffee and Rwashosco maraba coffee from Huye district. Six lots out of 15 that entered the competition were from Huye district.

The winner of the first prize said the award gives him courage and determination to continue ensuring the best quality of coffee.  He further said that he got this award because he listened and followed the agronomic practices and advises from experts.

Speaking at the ceremony the Acting Director General of NAEB MR. Ntakirutimana Corneille said that cup of Excellence requires strict observation and rules along the whole chain right from the sample handling to the final exercise which is cupping. He also said that the awarding of the farmers is a way of appreciating the farmers and for their good job of keeping and uphold the quality of Rwanda coffee.

The most important benefit for the best coffee is the increase of revenues. The best selected coffees are sold to highest bidder in the internet auction and the bigger percentage of sales goes to the farmer as a way of motivation as well as improving their welfare.

The Cup of Excellence was sponsored by different companies like; BRD, Bourboun coffee, SNV, CEPAR.