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Pfunda and Gisovu Tea Factories join hands with local authorities to support citizens

We extend our appreciation to Pfunda and Gisovu tea factories for their solidarity in supporting needy families during COVID19 pandemic crisis.The two factories management and their affiliated pluckers raised one million Rwandan francs each as part of their corporate social responsibility by giving back to the community. "We express our appreciation and gratitude for the sterling efforts that are being made by District Authorities under the guidance of the Government of Rwanda in the fight to curb the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus. Our contribution is to help our fellow citizens in need in these difficult times, to help those families that are finding it difficult due to the very essential COVID-19 lockdown,” said  Sanjay Ronald Sharma, the Manager, the Managing Director of Gisovu Tea Company.

Come de Gaule Nyirarugo, the Head of Production at Pfunda Tea Company, said that their initiative was inspired by the government’s call to help the most

vulnerable to cope with the economic consequences of COVID-19. 

“We just came up with an idea that before being farmers and the factory staff we are all Rwandans…

we have all agreed on contributing to our Government efforts towards supporting the most vulnerable members of the society affected by the COVID-19 lockdown,”

He said.

This is a solidarity door the two companies have widely opened for more charity activities to other individuals and companies in the agriculture sector.