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Rwandan horticulture export companies revamp business amid Covid19 lockdown

Rwandan agriculture sector stakeholders are among a few essential workers exonerated from the corona virus outbreak lockdown. Ministerial orders released by MINAGRI days after the lockdown declaration stated that all activities related to food supply could resume, ensuring preventive measures for Covid-19, to limit its spread in the country. Concerned companies adopted quickly the standard safety procedures by health organs, like masks for workers and social distancing, to contain this pandemic spread.  

The government’s move to allow agriculture sector stakeholders to work was a nod for exporters of agricultural and livestock products to resume their business as well. Amid lockdowns imposed by main destination countries of Rwandan fresh products, exporters are doing their level best to buy from producers and export through Rwandair and Ethiopian airlines. 

In the last five weeks, the national carrier RwandAir has managed to offer a 32 metric tons cargo space for these producers and exporters to ship their products. The cargo operates twice a week and fortunately, another deal with Ethiopian airline cargo was recently secured to export the rest of produce which couldn’t be airlifted by Rwandair.

In that period (from 20th March to 23rd April), a total of 558,849Kgs worth FRW993,180,908 of horticulture produce was exported mainly to Netherlands, UK, France and Belgium.