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Tea Market Analysis for November 2020

Four sales were held during the month of November 2020 at the Mombasa tea auction. A total of 36,117,266 Kilos were sold at an average price of US$ 1.90 per Kilo. Rwanda sold 1,222,750 Kilos at an average price of US$2.67 per Kilo.

Despite less volumes of tea at the auction compared too other countries, Rwanda fetched the best prices. The second country to come up with highest average price is Burundi with US$2.21 per Kilo and the third is Kenya with US$1.99 per Kilo.

Last year, in November the average price for all sales was US$2.19 per Kilo and Rwanda was topping other countries by selling her teas at an average price of US$3.04 per Kilo. In that period Rwanda had sold 1,661,563 Kilos out of 37,043,690 Kilos sold by all the six countries at a general average price of US$3.04 per Kilo.