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Rwandan horticulture fresh produce on Carrefour shelves

We have just started the New Year with an opportunity for our producers and exporters of fresh agriexport products. We secured a one-year deal with Carrefour hypermarket. We will be supplying to this wide UAE retailing company with passion fruits, apple banana, pineapple and avocado.

Our first shipment to this retail shop included avocado and passion fruits. Carrefour hypermarket and supermarkets operate in 30 countries across The Middle East, Africa and Asia. With its 320 stores, it serves more than 750,000 customers daily which makes it a special market.

Carrefour operates different store formats, as well as multiple online offerings to meet the growing needs of its diversified customer base.

We are grateful to the team at Rwanda’s mission in United Arab Emirates for their continuous efforts since late 2019 in making this business deal a reality. This partnership will be a key enabler in supporting Rwandan fresh producers, exporters and the country’s economy at large.