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International Coffee Day: tribute to farmers

October 1st is the world’s International Coffee Day. The international coffee day is a global celebration of the beverage by coffee lovers whilst recognizing the hard work of millions of farmers, whose livelihoods depend on this cash crop. The celebration aims to raise awareness of the incredible work of those involved in the coffee industry and promote the fair trade of coffee.

On International Coffee Day, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) sheds light on the continued plight of farmers who grow coffee and makes people aware of how they produce this wonderful beverage at the cost of their sweat. “The coffee-lovers community is encouraged to celebrate International Coffee Day not only to honor the coffee, but also understand the issues faced by the coffee-farmers and join hands with industry partners bringing proper reforms in this industry.” Mr. José Dauster Sette, the Executive Director of ICO noted last year on the same day.

The colorful history and an exciting taste of Rwandan Coffee – which was introduced to the country in 1900s and later became a sole income of revenues for the country, has grown to become one of the leading specialty cups for coffee connoisseurs around the world while providing livelihoods to more than 400,000 households.

Rwanda is known for producing some of the best coffee in the world. The coffee offers a silky, creamy body along with the floral and acidity notes. With its delightful aroma, it is known for its in-your-face acidity and berry undertones. One of those berry notes is black currant which makes ‘Rwanda Coffee – A Second Sunrise’ brand well-known.

The high elevation and moderate climate conditions make the country an ideal place for the unique coffee growing conditions, and the beans are popping with earthy and fruity flavors. That earthy quality gives the coffee a satisfying mouth-feel which makes the magical beverage an experience.

Ninety eight per cent of Rwandan coffee is Arabica (bourbon varieties). Almost allofour coffee is exported to well-known companies from worldwide; Europe, Asia, U.S.Aand African countries. During the recent fiscal year (2020/2021), Rwanda earned $ 61,505,410 from its coffee exports.