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Why buy Tea from Rwanda

Rwanda tea is known for its high quality and is among the best in the world. Today Rwanda tea has become highly valued in the predominantly weekly tea auction market resulting in its gradual increase in unit price over the past years.


Nature has endowed Rwanda with the best ecological conditions, making Rwanda Tea unique and consistent in quality. Due to good manufacturing practices, our black tea (CTC) is considered among the best in the world, fetching premium prices either through direct contracts or the auction market. Rwanda tea has gained enormous global acceptability because of its quality, bright color, and distinctive flavor. It is renowned all over the world as a superior beverage.


Rwanda tea factories are ISO certified by food safety, fair trade, and rain forest alliance. Tea growers do pruning at the right interval, the plucking cycle is respected, proper transportation of green leaves to the nearby factory, and adequate processing immediately follows. Some of Rwandan tea plantations are organically maintained.