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Why buy Tea from Rwanda

Rwanda tea is known for its high quality and among the best in the world. Today Rwanda tea had become a highly valued tea in Mombasa auction resulting in its gradual increase in unit price over the past years.

In 2011 first international  tea Convention & Exhibition held in Mombasa and brought together over 27 tea-producing countries,  Rwandan teas took two out of the three top positions in a tea-tasting competition held on the sidelines of the convention. It was also the same scenario on the second Africa Tea convention organized in Rwanda Serena Hotel in August 2013, where the three first place and overall  in primary grade were worn by Rwanda factories with Best quality PD for Karongi, BP for Gisovu and PF1 for Kitabi respectively . The last factory Kitabi became  the overall winner for all grades

 Every week at Mombasa auction, Rwanda tea especially Gisovu, Kitabi and Rubaya, Nyabihu, fetches the highest price in primary grades. In order to encourage local and re¬≠gional consumption, Rwanda has put more emphasis on value added tea with an introduction of single estate tea product in Sorwathe Tea Factory.

Considering value addition of Rwandan tea, support is given to tea factories in acquiring quality certifications as well as facilitating tea farmers with agronomical practices.

 Five companies in Rwanda selling value added tea are Rwanda tea packers, Highland tea, Sorwathe, pfunda and Gisovu tea estates. Sales distribution is well done in hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and shops.

List and address of companies selling value added tea .

Contact: H. S. Grewal
Phone: 0784575503

Contact: Rohith   Peiris
Phone : 0788302834
Company email: and

Contact: Amiteshwar S. Nain
Phone: 07883005242
Email: ptc@

Contact: Mary RUGANGAZI
Phone: 0785526182

Contact: HAMIM Kabagambe

Phone: 0788302537