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Huye: a widow found a new promising living

Gloriose is a 65 years old widow who found a perfect living from fruit farming especially avocadoes. She is a genocide survivor whose profession used to be a lawyer she lost her husband who was an agronomist engineer who used to coach her on good agriculture practices. It’s then she realized that she only has to raise her 3 orphans she remained with   “I have never earned such amount of money when I was a government employee until I retired and found there was a noble job to do.  Farming” she says

“I started this ambition when I heard of a project supporting horticulture in the district, I applied and the project supported me with quality seedlings.”  She added.

She land inherited the 6 hectares of land from her parents who perished in the genocide against the Tutsi occurred in 1994, but she couldn’t figure out what the land can serve for rather than selling plots to the neighbors, when she was about to retire from her job of a lawyer, she started to think of something that would help her to carry on, and farming was an option.

She started with 200 seedlings from PRICE project but when she realized the potential of growing avocadoes, she started expanding her 3 hectares fields to 1000 trees of improved varieties of avocadoes namely Has and Fuertes. These varieties are the most desired on the market be it local and international

She sells her avocadoes to local wine makers and oil blenders, but when the production will be stable, she expects to deliver her fruits to the international market as she has now earned an international export certificate.