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Nyamagabe: cash fold in coffee farmers



The National Agriculture Export Board (NAEB) through its project for Rural Income through export (PRICE) has helped numerous farmers around the country in coffee farming development through its program of coffee plantation expansion.

Since 2016 farmers from Nyamagabe got interested in the program and the project assisted them in land preparation, seedling distribution, and capacity building, with the aim of increasing the number of households who access to cash and further increase their livelihood.

 We have visited farmers from Nyamagabe District who have expanded their coffee to 11 hectares of land, they are all happy of their crops and are expecting higher from the cherries at the end of the season.

 They claim to be among the emerging rich in the neighborhood, as they expect a three times folded harvest this season. In collaboration with a young agronomist sent by PRICE Through the Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness Forum RYAF, an the  Farmer Field School approach, They have applied all the techniques required to have a good harvest, and the application of  organic fertilizers will boost the production as expected.  

 Mr Ntawuziyandemye Evarist is a coffee farmer from Kibibi cell of Kibumbwe sector of Nyamagabe District he has developed his farm of over 11 thousand threes. He took us through his plantation and witnessed where his expectation are fetch from. We can see green cherries all over the trees and most of the trees are at the risk of not supporting the weight of the cherries.

He expects more than 5 tones of coffee and he has the aim to sell the cherries to the nearest Coffee washing station at 190Rwf per kilo. He said “ with this coming season I will earn not less that 5 million.”

 Coffee convection center

 Coffee farmers from Mbazi Sector have expanded more than 182,500 trees on a beautiful hill  in Ngara Cell and they have called the “coffee convention center” due to its shape and outlook.

The hill looks like the Kigali convention center which gave them the Idea to adopt the name. “The way the KCC is the beauty of the Kigali city, this hill holding our plantation is also the beauty of our cell” one Bosco said.

 They have earned this hill from the Government of Rwanda and PRICE project helped them in land leveling and seedling plantation and hey have pledged to work hard over this expanded farm to earn more money “None of us is in the two lowest economic category since we have these farms” the farm is 4 years old and they have started harvesting since the last three seasons