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Tea Sub-Sector


Tea is one of Rwanda’s major exports commodities which generated USD 86.9 million exports revenues in 2019.

Tea was introduced in Rwanda in the 1950s.

Currently there are more than 24000 hectares planted with tea in the Northern, Western and Southern provinces on hillsides and well drained marshes at high altitude between 1,550 m and 2,500 m.

There are 18 privately owned operational tea factories, 2 ongoing tea project, more than 43000 tea farmers organized in 21 cooperatives and 2 out growers’ services companies.

Tea expansion is ongoing and area planted with will keep increasing as well as construction of more factories.

Production has increased steadily over the years from 5910 tons of black tea in 1980, to 12855 tons in 1990. In 1994, during the genocide, tea plantations and factories were abandoned and tea production decreased to 4,136 tons of black tea.  

From 1994, a lot of efforts were made to rehabilitate tea industry and tea production increased to 14391 tons in 2000; 22249 tons in 2010 and 32127 tons in 2019.

Black CTC tea is the predominantly type of tea produced in Rwanda, but other types like Orthodox tea, Green Tea and White tea are also produced.

Organic tea is also found in Rwanda and value addition is made at small level.

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Munini and Kibeho Tea project

Rugabano Tea Project