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Guides to Exporting

Obtain a coffee export license

A Coffee export license is an official permission to conduct a particular export transaction. For exporting coffee from Rwanda, you will need to obtain a coffee export license from the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB). It is valid for one year and renewable on request.



Obtain certificates of origin and quality

A certificate of origin refers to a document that attests in which country export goods have been obtained, produced, manufactured or processed. It is issued by the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB);and is necessary to profit from trade agreements that grant to certain export products from Rwanda preferable market access.
A certificate of quality, also issued by NAEB, specifies the type and grade of the coffee to be exported.

For Registration

Obtain a phytosanitary certificate

A phytosanitary certificate is an official document issued by the Rwanda Agriculture and Livestock Inspection and Certification Services (RALIS). It certifies that the plants or plant products covered by the certificate have been inspected according to appropriate procedures and are considered to be free from quarantine pests and that they are considered to conform with the current phytosanitary regulations of the importing country.


Full procedure for export of green coffee

This procedure sequentially compiles the licenses, permits and clearance steps to be fulfilled by a registered business owner exporting a consignment of green coffee, of more than Rwf 500,000 of value, for the first time out of Rwanda, via Gatuna border.